AES Silent Auction

Good news people, the AES 2019 Auction is now LIVE!!

We currently have incredible items including theme park tickets, other family attractions and gorgeous gift baskets put together thoughtfully by the families of each classroom. We have reserved seating for AES events including our upcoming Variety show, 5th grade culmination and Kinder promotion, online and available to bid on this minute, so go check it out!


Cut and Paste Link, Share and tweet the link below!! Encourage your friends to do the same! We have some fun tickets and travel related items, in addition to enrichment classes and a handful of summer camps and other great items including fine wines. 

Let the Bidding Begin & Thank you For Your Continued Support. 

New Feature: BUY IT NOW 

We know you may buy these items anyway so why not buy it now and give 100% of the proceeds to the PTA Fund? 

Here’s How It Works:

Buy It Now Option

The Buy It Now button allows bidders to purchase an item at the Fair Market Value or higher.  When a Bidder selects the Buy It Now option they are essentially taking the item out of play and no other Bidders are able to bid on the item.  Here is some additional information regarding the Buy It Now option… 

  • Buy It Now items are attached to the Bidder but are not required to be paid for until auction end.
  • Bidders are able to pay for their Buy It Now items at any time by logging into their Bidder account via> Bidder Sign In > click on the shopping cart in front of their Buy It Now item > continue to check out for that item.  Buy It Now items are attached to the Bidder but are available for bidding until auction end or paid for in full. 
  • Bidders will not receive a notification regarding the Buy It Now item until auction close. 
  • Bidders can bid above the Buy It Now price.  Once a bidder bids above the Buy It Now price the Buy It Now button disappears to allow bidding to continue. 

The PTA at The Academy for Enriched Sciences Magnet is part of the California State PTA, group exempt number is GEN-0646, and is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) Proceeds for this event go directly to the PTA Fund in support of our schools enrichment programs, field trips, teaching supplies and classroom needs.

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