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Overparenting Checklist

Last Parenting Workshop we had was presented by Kathryn Howard, and she talked about how to help stop helicopter-parenting and give our children the confidence to grow into independent adults. Here are both a little more about Kathryn and also a checklist and resources she shared with us.

  1. You only let your child play on playgrounds with shredded rubber mulch.
  2. The first thing you did when your 4thgrader came home crying from school because her best friend Jill called her a name is to call Jill’s mom to sort things out yourself.
  3. I have found that my child gets bored or anxious with lots of free time because my child’s schedule is so full.
  4. You have found yourself giving your child the words to use for an essay because they said they didn’t know what to write?
  5. Your 8-year-old still has the training wheels on his bike. Not that you let him ride it that often. The sidewalks are dangerous, and they go too fast for you to keep up!
  6. It’s difficult to find time in my personal schedule for my own outside interests or friends.
  7. Organize their cloths and help them get dressed in the morning. They can never pick matching outfits!
  8. You instruct them how to organize their school projects because they are not able to do it alone? You have great creative, organized ideas!
  9. I have found that most of my child’s teachers’ discipline policies were not appropriate for my child’s temperament.
  10. You get heart palpitations at the thought of letting your child go on a field trip with their class.
  11. Having them help out by preparing dinner or cleaning the house has never crossed your mind. Knives are sharp, and the cleaning fluids are too dangerous!
  12. If my child were having trouble with a new seating arrangement in his class, I would ask the teacher to move my child to another seat.
  13. As a Christmas gift you gave your daycare a webcam, so you could watch the daily happenings while you are at work.
  14. You and your son are having a meeting with the teacher and when she asks him a question and you answer it for him.
  15. Your child didn’t get accepted to his preferred major at college, so you call the Chair of the department to negotiate for an exception.
  16. Blame your child’s poor grade on the teacher’s unclear instructions and syllabi?
  17. I help my child decide who they should be friends with in class and on the yard.

Other resources recommended in this workshop: A Fine Parent Blog

The Growth Mindset

This is the handout given to the AES Parents by Dr. Patricia Saphier on our first Parents Workshop.

Useful Links for Parents:

California New Science Standards – New guidelines for Science teaching for grades K to 12

Common Core State Standards – Information on what the new guidelines entail.

Ed100 – California’s Education System Demystified. California’s Education System is Changing Fast. Learn How It Really Works, So You Can Make a Difference. It’s Free….and you could win $1,000 for your school’s PTA!

California Family Health Council – Tips on how to talk to your kids and start an open communication.


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