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Dear parents, below are the steps for getting cleared to volunteer at AES. We hope this encourages more parents to take part in the rewarding and much-needed form of school participation. We also hope these steps below provide clarity and also answer some questions you might have about the process.  For further information from LAUSD on the volunteer rules and policies please visit: Bulletin 6746.0

Recently LAUSD has mandated strict fingerprinting policies to protect children attending an LAUSD school.

Who Needs To Be Fingerprinted? 

Fingerprinting is an added step of security for volunteers who plan to be in direct contact with children during school hours. Here is how it works:

– Volunteering with any amount of direct contact with students would require the fingerprinting and online process.

– Volunteering without any direct contact with children: Up to 16 hours allowed per week without fingerprinting.

One-day events can use the one-day application form (found in Bulletin 6740.0 above) and forgo using the LAUSD online application process.

Volunteering at events that happen off-campus or off-school-hours are not considered to be school volunteers and do not require the following volunteer process. Because the school is not in custody of children, and because all parents would presumably be at such an event, it is not considered to fall under LAUSD volunteering policies.

All volunteers will require a Tuberculosis clearance to volunteer. This is not always a TB “test”. Sometimes a TB screening will be sufficient to gain clearance. Please see Step 2 below for more on getting cleared for TB.

Process for volunteering.

Please read the instructions carefully.

STEP 1 – Complete the two LAUSD forms for volunteering


A. Volunteer Application. To be filled online

B. Commitment Form. To be printed and completed

When you go to the site (, select “LAUSD Parent/Guardian”.

Then you will be asked several basic questions. On the last page please answer using the following:

– I want to volunteer at  – Look for ‘ACAD ENRICH SCI MAG

– I want to volunteer the following times and days – Check ALL to give you more flexibility in the future.

I would like to volunteer in the following areas  –  Check ALL to give you more flexibility in the future.

– Maximum number of hours I can serve each week   – Select ‘8.’

***Once you have completed the LAUSD Volunteer Account registration, you will be prompted to print and sign the Online Application results. YOU SHOULD ALSO print out and sign the ‘Volunteer Commitment Form’ by clicking “PRINT” on the last step. The forms should then be signed and sent back to the school office so they can set up your fingerprinting appointment.

After submitting the forms…

When you submit the forms to the office, they will call LAUSD Fingerprinting Office and set an appointment. The school administrator will do this process after they have run the Megan’s Law Check and filled out the application form for you for LAUSD.

IMPORTANT: Since the school MUST set the appointment for fingerprinting, it will be virtually impossible to coordinate with each volunteer for the best day and time. Therefore, we ask that you give us a preference ahead of time by stating which days and time windows will work.


STEP 2 – Submit your TB Certification to the school office

Once you have your fingerprinting appointment scheduled, its time to get your TB clearance done. The TB forms below can be taken to Minute Clinic at certain CVS locations and the clearance can be done fairly easily without a test typically. They will need to ask you a set of questions which will “clear” you from having to take the TB test itself.

For your reference, here are the forms.

TB Cert Form –

TB Questionaire Form –

As soon as you have these form completed by the physician, submit them to the school office so they may go in your file.


Once the TB forms have been submitted, it’s time to wait for your fingerprinting appointment.

****SUPER IMPORTANT****: The fingerprinting office ONLY accepts money orders or cashier’s checks. The fingerprinting fee is currently $56.00.Money orders or cashier’s checks made out to LAUSD. Applicants are required to present a Social Security Number and a State of California Driver’s License or Identification Card. When these documents are not available, alternate forms of legal documents may be accepted. When a Social Security Number is not available, a temporary Personal Identification Number (PIN) will be generated for the purpose of fingerprinting only.

Based on availability and your requested times, you will go to one of these two offices:

1. 5607 Capistrano Ave. Woodland Hills, CA 91367 (818) 587-4300

2. 6505 Zelzah Ave. Reseda CA 91335 (818) 654-1600

Once your fingerprinting clearance is completed, the office will be notified you’ve been cleared and sent your official volunteer badge.


Thank you for taking your time to go through this process, your volunteer time is so much needed and appreciated!

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