September 12

Annual Fund With every $4,000 raised collectively, a part of the annual fund flower outside the office will bloom into color. Please help our flower bloom! Every donation counts, whether you can give the suggested $400 per child or any another amount. In addition to the school flower, there are … Continue reading

September 6

Sign Up or Reactivate your Ralphs Rewards! When you grocery shop, you earn money for AES. Go to Ralphs’ Website, click the Enroll Now button, enter your information as a “Participant” and enroll or renew today to help earn money for AES just by shopping! Our ID is 93767.   You … Continue reading

August 29

Traffic Safety!! Ms. Cofield sent out a special call last Friday requesting your assistance with safety coming to and from school. Here’s what she had to say: “There are many parents not following traffic safety in front of and around the school. Parents, please: Stop at all stop signs refrain … Continue reading

May 30

AES had an AMAZING Showing at Our First District Science Fair! Last Thursday, at the 6th District Science Fair at Bassett Elementary School, AES Students made a huge splash! Here are the winners: 2nd Place for 2nd Grade. Ms. Simons Class research with the project “Food Preferences of Pavement Ants,” … Continue reading

May 23

The First Talent Show in Our Own Campus was a Smashing Success! A HUGE THANK YOU to Larry Blackford, who put together with a kids an amazing talent show! There was singing, dancing, comedy… every grade was represented and everyone loved the show!  Also, the raffle winners took home some … Continue reading